to the

Partial Matching Track

on Watertight Models

of SHape REtrieval Contest 2007

What's SHREC?

SHREC '07 is a competition whose objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D-shape retrieval algorithms. This year the contest is divided into different tracks. This page refers to the Partial Matching track.

Description of the track

Two collections of 3D models will be provided to the participants of the track: the data-set and the query-set:

Watertight Models are object models represented by seamless surfaces, i. e. without defective holes or gaps. Each query model shares common subparts with (possibly) more than one model belonging to the data-set. Given a query model, the goal of this track is the retrieval of the largest number of models belonging to the data-set, such that they share similar subparts with the given query.

A set of relevant, marginally relevant and not relevant models (belonging to the data-set) is associated to each query model. This set (the ground-truth) is defined a priori by the organizers of the track and will be used to evaluate the performance of the retrieval algorithms. The performance will be evaluated by using the measures and tools developed in SHREC '06.


Results are now ready. Here you can find all the most significant graphs we extracted.

Given a database of 400 watertight models, and a set of 30 hybrid query models, we defined for each query the set of highly and marginally relevant items, that is, respectively, the classes which share a similar subpart with the query, and those ones which are reasonably similar to it.

Dataset Queryset

Query NumberRelevant ClassesMarginally Relevant Classes
1cup, teddyvase, four legs
2human, tablearmadillo, chair
3buste, mechanic 
4plier, springairplane, bird
5ant, glassesoctopus
6four legs, airplanebird, plier, teddy
7armadillo, vase, bearinghuman, cup
8fish, bird, mechanicairplane, plier
9chairs, bearingstables
10human, tablearmadillo, chair
11fisher, hand 
12human, octopusarmadillo, ant
13hand, spring 
14human, fisharmadillo
15four legs, vasecup, teddy
16bird, buste airplane, plier
17chair, plierairplane, bird, table
18ant, octopus 
19airplane, armadillohuman, bird, plier
20teddy, spectaclefour leg
21cup, springsvase
22four legs, cupvase, teddy
23armadillo, bearing, birdhuman, airplane, plier
24airplane, birdplier
25head, vasecup
26chair, table 
27teddy, handfour legs
28octopus, plierbird, airplane, ant
29airplane, mechanicalbird, plier
30four legs, humanarmadillo, teddy

Here you can find all sort of graphs we computed, and a "readme" file which explains what is in each folder.

Last update: 08/06/2007